Why isn't my login autofilling?

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At the beginning of January, we switched you to using LastPass as your password manager. As part of this changeover, I disabled autofill in both Chrome and Firefox so that none of your browsers would offer to save passwords and end up splitting your passwords up among several storage places.

Step 1: Is It In LastPass?

If your password isn’t autofilling, try looking for it in LastPass. To do this, click on the LastPass icon in the bar at the top of your screen. It looks like this:

The LastPass browser action icon

There are two other icons that may look similar to this. One is a vertical stack of gray dots. This is not LastPass, it’s the settings menu for Google Chrome. The other is a vertical stack of horizontal, gray lines (often called a hamburger menu). This is also not LastPass, it’s the settings menu for Firefox.

The menu which pops up when you click on the LastPass icon should have a search bar at the top. (If it doesn’t, it will have a sign-in screen. This website is live on the internet, so I won’t put your credentials or any hints here, but you can ask me in person if you need one.) Type the name of the website or some portion of its URL into the search bar to see if there are any logins saved for the site. If there are, you can click on them to automatically fill them into the appropriate text boxes on the webpage.

LastPass also adds icons to the right sides of username and password boxes that allow you to fill your login details. They look like this:

LastPass' form fill buttons

You can also click on these buttons to automatically fill in your credentials, as long as you have at least one login saved for the website that you’re currently on.

Step 2: Is It In Chrome?

When I was going through your credentials and transferring them from Chrome’s saved passwords to LastPass, I did check to make sure that I got them all. However, just to be safe, I didn’t delete any from Chrome’s saved passwords section.

Here’s how to get to that list:

  1. Click the triple-dot menu in the upper-right corner of any Chrome window: Chrome's settings button
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Advanced” at the bottom of the page
  4. Click “Manage passwords”

All of your saved passwords will be listed in the section titled “Saved Passwords”. You can search for a particular site with the search bar that says “Search passwords”.

Step 3: Is It In Your Binder?

At this point, the password might be in your red binder. I thought I copied all of those out as well, but I might have missed one, or misidentified something. This isn’t a digital, computerized thing, so you’ll have to find the binder on your own, and there’s no search bar for it.

Step 4: Can You Reset It?

Is it possible to reset this password? Most sites should allow you to reset your password somehow, so take a look around the site to see if there is an account settings page somewhere that allows you to reset your password.